Wayne Bettess

I love life and the unexpected surprises that wait for me on every corner, as they’ve helped shape me into the person that I am today.

It’s not all been smooth sailing and I’d be lying if I said I had everything in life worked out, but I have gained experience is lots of different areas that have allowed me to create a life where I’m making more money than ever before, whilst also reaping the benefits of a balanced lifestyle which also allows me to spend the valuable time with my family which I love.

With a questionable start, I was never really the Grade A kid at school with impeccable behavior, but I still managed to become a trainee plumber at the age of 16 and soon, a few years had gone by and I was earning good money for my age at 19. I then began trying my hand a few different entrepreneurial endeavors, only to fall flat on my face and have my spirit temporarily broken.

It was while I was at this horrible low that I found about the many different ways of providing value to people all over the world using the online platforms available and have built a solid online presence for myself. I now live a good life full of confidence and take great pride in showing others how to do the same.

Wayne has a passion for empowering people to achieve more in Life and in Business

No Excuses… Let’s Go!

Wayne enjoys Writing on various subjects, from Business and self-development through to Politics, Current Affairs, and Sport.

Wayne Bettess Owns Your New Boiler By WB GAS LTD , WarmaHome By WB GAS LTD and also Runs his own Podcast show called Off The Tools.


Life and Business Podcast – Off The Tools By Wayne Bettess