Day #1

One thing I have been mastering is the art of assessing what happened, adjusting to improve and getting at it again.

Many people will be starting Today as a fresh start with big goals and ambitions to reach this year… but I have found having year window can be counterproductive, it allows the putting off of things, as the mind tells you that you have plenty of time.

I run my whole life (Business, Body & Balance) via 12-week Missions.

This means that every 12 Weeks I look back at what I originally set out to achieve, de-brief the results, celebrate the successes and analyse the failure. Adjust as required for my next 12-week mission and then get straight back out there.

Big targets and visions are great, but creating smaller checkpoints that lead you to the bigger vision for me have been the Key.

Happy New Year to you all.

No Excuses… Lets Go!

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