Where’s Wayne Been?

So, some of you may be aware that last year, just before Christmas I broke my foot!! ( live on camera on the Off The Tools Fitness group, DOH!)

That morning I had weighed myself and had literally rolled back 12 years of bad lifestyle decisions, I was pumped, motivated and quite frankly super proud of myself for what I had achieved, weighing less than I did at 20 years old and feeling fitter and stronger than I had ever felt.

I was two miles into my run and on pace for a personal best 3-mile time, then BOOM… I tumbled to the deck, I knew straight away that I had done some serious damage. Thankfully a passerby came over and got me to my feet, I composed myself and set off to hobble the remaining 1 mile back home, wrapped the foot in some ice and kept it elevated overnight. The next morning I went down the local A & E and it was confirmed that a bone was broke in my foot.

Stupidly, as it was close to Christmas, I sub-consciously decided that hey-ho I might as well just relax and unwind… BIG MISTAKE!

Yes, it is good to relax and unwind but without any boundaries and structure I quickly started to fall into some bad habits, it was Christmas after all! I had big targets for both my businesses and my personal life all set out but, I allowed this minor set back to be an excuse NOT to start EXECUTING them.

Before I knew it, It was mid-January, my foot was nearly healed but I had yet to make a real comeback… quite frankly this continued through to the 5th March.

The 5th of March was the start of Lent 2019. ( I’m not a practising Christian but, I have been built on Christian value’s and beliefs)

So, I decided, F*ck it, I’ll give up Facebook for Lent!

As you will be aware, I’m very active across the various Facebook groups so I knew this would be a good mental challenge for me to attempt, whilst I was heading into a bit of a pit mentally and physically.

The first week was quite simple TBH, It then became a little bit more difficult… I had really underestimated how much I actually valued all the time and people I was interacting with on a daily basis.

Working for your self is a very lonely place, what these communities give not just me but probably many of you guys reading/listening is a place to unload our problems, make friendships and ultimately feel a part of something bigger than just ourselves. ( Que the keyboard warriors that will try and make out that this is sad and pathetic, FUCK YOU MAN… FUCK YOU!) sorry went off the subject there lol.

Depending on what type of Christianity you follow determines when Lent finishes, so, I just carried on to hit the 50 Days mark. ( I like round numbers hahaha).

Over this period, I have used my time productively, I have read and listened too countless more books, launched a new business idea that I’m testing at present and have had the pleasure of speaking at a number of local schools,

The idea of speaking at these events was to try and inspire youngsters to consider a career in the Trades and Construction industry, On that note… WOW, if anyone is starting to fall out of love with the industry then i strongly recommend you go and do this, standing there speaking with these youngsters about all the positive aspects that our industry has to offer was a real game-changing, eye-opening moment for me, as well as the legend that is Andy Cam aka ‘I love Plumbing’, he really made me fall back in love with this industry, watching his video’s and seeing a man that has been in the industry for a*cough cough* fair while and still loving what he does is inspiring and motivating stuff.

Watching the likes of Tommy Lee-Zmuda and his partner in crime Rob Taylor helping and guiding other small business owners has really awoken why I started Plumb Chat and Off the Tools in the first place.

I am so dedicated to helping others achieve more in life and business and this 50 days away from it have really highlighted that this what I’m passionate about, this is what I wake up wanting to do each and every day and I intend on doing just that!

Keys lessons Learned over the past 50 days?

  • I love helping people achieve
  • Not to let a little setbacks ruin my plans
  • Course correct quickly when knocked off course
  • Be a man of my word
  • Learn/Grow EVERY DAY

For anyone interested, I am looking for 3 business owners to work with on a one to one basis, totally free… Yes, you read that correctly for FREE no strings attached.

If you would like to apply please visit- https://waynebettess.co.uk/work-with-wayne/

Thank you for reading, Hopefully, you have enjoyed it, laughed or learned something from it, If you have anything I can help you within your business or your life please just email me – wayne@bettess.com

No Excuses… Let’s Go!

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