Day 4 – Midweek Blues

Good morning… following yesterdays little exercise routine, i want you to do the same this morning, If you can do more sets ( press ups, sit ups, squats and 60 second rest is one set) then get straight at it and do more, but as a minimum i want you to do 2 full sets.

Make sure you are drinking lots of water throughout the day, not only will it help you feel more satisfied ( damn lack you of food!!) but water is like a secret weapon, it will flush you through and make you feel a lot better!

Would love to hear what you have been doing in this first week, please feel free to text me with some update.

I also want you to try and fit in at least 2 sets later in the day, yes, even if you are shattered ! Rome wasn’t built in a day and nor will you weight loss targets!

Make Shit Happen

The Key to start unlocking results is simple, consistency, consistency, consistency!

This applies to everything in life

No Excuses… Lets Go!

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