Septemeber Challenge Results

Massive thank you to everyone that has taken part in the first Off The Tools Fitness Challenge.

We started with nearly 50 people at the beginning, over the weeks the number has dropped but we have had 20 submit their final weight.

As I’ve said, this was thrown together at the very last minute but i feel it has helped a lot of people out so will be back for the November Challenge in preparation for Christmas and of course, we will be doing a January 2020 challenge.

Well, now let’s get down to results… in total over the combined weight loss from the final 20 people was… a whooping 13st 11 lbs!!

We have 4 people joint 3rd, who each lost 1st 1lbs

3 – David Mitchell

3 – Mark Brosnan

3- Patrick Wheeler

3 – Jordan Tedham

In second place is…

2 – Ricky Bonner – Total Loss – 1st 2 lbs

The overall winner who has absolutely smashed it is …

1 – Dave Hignett, Total Loss – 2st 8 lbs

A massive thanks again for everyone that has participated and more importantly well done to those that took action to Make Shit Happen!

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