Dunstable Independents posted that a Local resident was nearly wiped out by dangerous parking in East Dunstable.

They Said –

“A local resident took this photo yesterday at the junction of Lockington Crescent and Katherine Drive. With their view of oncoming traffic badly obscured due to cars parking on the paved area close to the corner, the car that came past them couldn’t be seen until this driver was in the process of turning out onto Katherine Drive.

Rule 243 of the Highway code states vehicles should not park within 32 feet of a junction. In this case, vision is further obscured because the parked cars are higher up off the road, and this is a bend. If the cars didn’t park here, drivers at this junction would have a completely clear view of the oncoming traffic.

The driver at the junction reported this incident using the Police link https://www.bedfordshire.police.uk/report/Report.

Only by reporting every incident, near miss or accident, using the above link or by phoning 101, can we hope to pressure Central Beds Council into implementing parking restrictions such as zones to park/not to park.

Unfortunately, some people appear unable to use any common sense when parking a car.”

See their full post here

"I WAS NEARLY WIPED OUT" – Local Resident.A local resident took this photo yesterday at the junction of Lockington…

Posted by Dunstable Independents on Thursday, 23 January 2020

Here is another angle of the cars that choose to park in a dangerous position. Not only have they fully mounted the pavement, Which as you will all know is meant for pedestrians only! It has also created a complete blind spot for drivers exiting Lockington Crescent.

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