WOW… Who wants a group of friends like this!

Just see this on Facebook and had to share it out there!

The poor guy had been having a bit of trouble with his old van… then his friends stepped in to help him put! Don’t we all wish we had a group of friends like this!

Lee Preece said –

“So Just over a year ago now a good friend found himself in abit of a shit situation. @jsdecorators had a reputable business and he’s works bloody long hours building it up over the years.

The engine in his van died and he forked out just over £3000 to have a new engine fitted…..this soon went from bad to worse with it breaking down the first day he got it back and it’s been off the road ever since. Injectors held in with sealant, turbos filled with oil the lot. A proper bodge job! So for the past year joe has been making ends meet in a clapped out corsa with no rear window…he works 7 days a week and never once complained. Just got on with it.

Problem then being that turning up to view jobs in a car that looks like a shed was installing no confidence in customers. Lowering his prices to keep working and the cycle continues. Soon you find yourself stuck in a hole that you can’t get out of. Anyone that’s self employed knows this feeling all too well. And although joe just got on with things you could see he was getting down, started to question if he should give up on the business he started many years ago.

He’s a bloody good painter and decorator and puts so much effort in his work that it’s a shame to see him just give up. He has work ethic by the bucket load, drive, ambition and skill.

Just needed to catch a break! So me and a load of lads from the gym all had a chat. All put in the pot and we bough him a van. Racked it out, installed a new roof rack, new LED lights in the back and had the thing fully sign written. The video that follows just shows how much this means to him. He has no support from his family etc and has done things on his own with no support network for so so long. He’s a proper jack the lad type but has a heart of gold and would help anyone at any time.

He’s loved by us all and it was a pleasure to be able to help get him back on his feet. Sometimes we all just need a helping hand. God knows I’ve been there many a time, same as the other lads. Enjoy it joe, you deserved it mate. Love from the lads, me, @bench_obeast @zac.evo @adelderfield94 @archieparker97 @samwhiffen98 .


So Just over a year ago now a good friend found himself in abit of a shit situation. @jsdecorators had a reputable…

Posted by Lee Preece on Saturday, 25 January 2020

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