Storm Blows Flue Off Boiler!!

You do not see this sort of thing every day

So, I had a call first thing this morning from an elderly lady saying she had no heating or hot water.

She went on to explain the boiler was fairly new and was installed in the loft. ( I now presumed it would be a simple ‘top the pressure up’ and bleed the rads type of job, Well, I was kinda wrong on that one!! )

I arrived at the job, quickly went in and jumped up into the loft… and this was what I presented with!

Flue Totally Gone!

As you can imagine, I was quite shocked to see that the flue was not connected! thankfully the fumes had been blowing right out the gaping hole that was now in the roof!

I jumped down and went outside expecting to see the flue half hanging out of the flashing but after around 10 minutes or searcing the local area it was clear that the flue had gone missing in action!

That is certainly not something you see every day!!

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