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They wrote, and I quote…

“In this video clip, filmed by Central Beds Council during their 4th February Executive meeting, while discussing the subject of the 2020/21 Finance Housing Revenue Account Budget and Business Plan; CBC Councillor David McVicar (Conservative), comments on potential new residential housing projects in Dunstable Town centre. He describes the accommodation that has been built in Dunstable town centre over the last 5 years or so, as resembling Stalag Luft 15. 

However, didn’t Cllr McVicar welcome the developments of Phoenix Park and Priory View, both of which are, designated as “town centre”, are in his Icknield ward, built within the last 5 years, and have some element classified as “affordable housing”? 
In this video clip, Cllr McVicar also mentions problems with car parking, yet wasn’t he one of the Councillors who approved both of the aforementioned developments, which as anyone who lives in these buildings knows, have very limited car parking spaces?

Watch The Video Below

Now, it appears this same Councillor is against social, community and other affordable housing projects, especially in areas were traditional 3 or 4 bed semis and detached houses would not be suitable. Is he also against local people who are struggling to get on the property ladder because he doesn’t think they should be allowed anywhere modern to live?

Are we to assume from Cllr McVicar’s description of Dunstable Town centre and recent housing developments, that this is what he really thinks about the apartments in Pheonix Park and Priory View, and the people who live there?

In point of reference, German WWII POW camps were temporary constructions of wooden huts, a single storey high with a pitched roof. Only the watch towers were more than two storeys high. 

Cllr McVicar, one of two Conservative CBC representatives for Icknield ward, has obviously forgotten the primary responsibility of any Councillor; which is to promote the ward/town they are elected to. It certainly is not to make comparisons that conjure up images of the worst period in our World history.

When one of our longstanding Councillors describes our own Town centre as looking like a prisoner of war camp, perhaps it’s time that Councillor resigned. 
All Central Bedfordshire Council meetings that are open to the public, are filmed and broadcast, and the Chairman makes everyone who is attending aware of this right at the start”

To make a complaint to the council click here – https://www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/info/28/transparency/284/senior_officers/3

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  1. It would appear that some elected councilors have forgotten that they represent the people of the town and are not there for their own agenda lots of issues within east Dunstable that nobody seems to want to deal withHGV traffic in and around
    luton road parking in jeans way traffic accidents at the junction of ridgeway avenue and Luton road 3 recently just a few of the issues I’m sure other local residents could provide more


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