A Concerned Local resident has sent me this report this morning… Take a read and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Unless you are a Labour activist and supporter, please be aware of a new local Facebook group that has suddenly sprung up called:
“Houghton Regis and Dunstable Community Action Group.”

It purports to have been established to help the wider community during the current Coronavirus crisis but in reality it has been founded by a bunch of hardcore Labour activists and supporters. The Admins and founding members are all Labour activists. 
Of the first 30 to join this so-called community action group, both administrators are staunch Labour activists. Toni Ryan is actively campaigning in support of the Labour candidate for the vacant Parkside seat on Houghton Regis Town Council. Louise O’Riordon is one of the administrators, and she together with Marc Windmill stood as Labour candidates in last May’s Council elections.  Two of the three Labour Dunstable Town Councillors: Wendy Bater and Matthew Brennan; at least two Houghton Regis Labour Town Councillors, plus Ian Lowery a staunch Left-wing Remainer and loud anti-Conservative voice on a Leighton Buzzard group; and another local Labour agitator June Tolbin, are all founding members. Two supposedly Independent Councillors, one of whom is the current Houghton Regis Town Mayor, have also joined. Many of the other founding members had profile photos clearly showing their support for the Labour party.
If this new group was truly for the whole community and not a politically bias machine, then surely there would be several Conservative local Councillors involved, and not only Left-wingers.

As the group grows, it will attract and drag in unsuspecting residents who don’t realise it’s true political basis and bias. No doubt anti-Government posts will appear, critical of what advice and recommendations have been announced by Boris Johnson, and agitating for political change.  
Labour activists are undoubtedly trying to take this opportunity to create anti-Conservative sentiments and undermine the government. This new group, being so heavily loaded with Labour only activists shows the true anarchic tendencies that staunch Labour supporters have. Socialists will spread fears and concerns as they attempt to indoctrinate unsuspecting people with their extreme political ideology.

Later, perhaps during but surely after the current crisis has subsided, the administrators will change the name of the group to show their true political interests. With so many Labour activists and local Labour Councillors as founding members, they will suddenly voice their support for it to become an official Labour supporters group, (which it already is) and then anyone who has joined but is not a Labour supporter, will suddenly find themselves labelled as a Leftie, a difficult tag to shake off.

There isn’t any need for new Facebook groups, especially ones that disguise their true political allegiances. Established local groups can mobilize members or at least ask they be aware of their neighbours who may be vulnerable and need assistance during this period.
Be aware, in times of crises, some people will pray on the vulnerable, manipulating and using them for their own ends.

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