It’s all Black & White…

There is a lot going on at the moment, I have been reading lots of comments on the Black Live Matter protests and came across something that I wanted to share… Below is a post was written by Matthew Hurt on a Facebook forum. Please take a read and post in the comments below with your thoughts. Matthew wrote – It’s fascinating and worrying to see just how staunchly opposed to the idea of equality and fairness a group of predominantly white men still are in 2020. The whole premise of people commenting “All lives matter” is completely misguided. People justify using the slogan by saying “I think everyone matters the same and no one should be singled out” – or words to that effect. OK – so how many of you support the MenTalk mental heath work in this group? They specifically aim to help men who are struggling with mental health issues. Mental health among men is a massive issue, and suicide is disproportionately affecting men in the UK. That obviously isn’t to say that women don’t commit suicide or suffer from mental health problems. I’m sure plenty of you that are commenting “all lives matter” fully support the MenTalk group and would be pretty outraged if you saw people comment on every one of their posts saying “Men AND WOMEN’s health matters!!!” “Why are you just focusing on Men?” “Are you saying that Men are more important than women!?” You would also be pretty shocked if you posted a fundraiser for Breast Cancer awareness on your Facebook profile and were inundated with people telling you that you shouldn’t be supporting such a polarising charity. “All cancer matters!” “What about testicular cancer!?” “Do people with breast cancer matter more than children with leukemia!?” Believing that one cause deserves attention and support does not mean that you can not support any number of other causes. No part of the BLM movement is trying to insinuate that black lives matter more than any other group’s lives. It is highlighting the fact that black people are disproportionately affected by policing brutality and other forms of institutional racism. The movement is not based purely on George Floyd, or any one person. The movement existed long before his death. His death was just one of the most recent, and one where the entire situation was filmed uninterrupted for 9 minutes. After which the Minneapolis police force took several days to actually pursue any of the officers involved with any criminal charges. The reason the movement has gathered as much support as it has is that police overreach and over aggression is something that thousands of black Americans have experienced and feel strongly about. You are still completely free to support or campaign for any other causes or groups;
  • -Uyghur Muslims in China
  • -Free Tibet
  • -Native Americans
  • -Women groomed by gangs,
  • -Indigenous Australians
These issues / causes are all still ongoing and you are more than free to support any of these or any other that you want to. The BLM movement doesn’t suggest that no white, asian or other group of people are ever treated unfairly. Or that they somehow matter less. But black people are those most disproportionately affected and also are the second largest ethnic group in the US, which is why there has been so much support for it. If the movement does incite change in police training and guidelines for dealing with people in custody – do you think that the changes will only apply to black prisoners? If they manage to drastically reduce the number of black people killed while in police custody – do you think they will try to ‘make the numbers up’ by killing more white people? Or would those reforms ultimately end up helping everyone? People going out to what were supposed to be peaceful protests and turning it into an anarchistic free for all and rioting are not supporting the movement. They are supporting themselves and taking advantage of the fact that there are huge crowds to disappear into, while police forces are over stretched an unable to respond. A small minority of people behaving stupidly shouldn’t automatically diminish the message that is actually being pushed forward. The movement also isn’t suggesting that there aren’t other major issues within America and the rest of the world that need solving. Such as violent black on black, or black on white crimes. Or just gun crime in general – but that doesn’t mean that the standard of policing shouldn’t be reformed too. I’d also say that it’s worth remembering the level of unrest and backlash that was shown when women tried to plead with men for voting equality. The suffragettes ended up resorting to setting fire to and detonating bombs in buildings in order to force the issue. Because until they did so, they were told to shut up and stop moaning. At one point most men in the country were against women having the right to vote.. I doubt many would still feel that way now, but imagine how much longer it would have taken for them to be given voting rights if that movement hadn’t happened. Please post your comments below.

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