The Friday Debrief #2

A mentally tough week! For one reason and another, I woke up Monday morning in a stinking mood… no real reason, just a culmination of various small issues that I hadn’t resolved, eating away at me… never a good place to start the week! I had Monday off as it was my birthday, so quickly … Read more The Friday Debrief #2

The Friday Debrief #1

So, this is the first of my weekly posts and I have called it ‘The Friday Debrief’ I always spend some time at the end of the week to analyse how my week has been, both personally and professionally. I look at what has gone well and more importantly what hasn’t… The Good, The Bad … Read more The Friday Debrief #1

Day #31

“It doesn’t matter how hard it is, all that matters is… IS IT WORTH IT?” Il say that again… “It doesn’t matter how hard it is, all that matters is… IS IT WORTH IT?” This goes for everything… work and home life, taking my lad’s football at the weekend is hard work when it just … Read more Day #31

Day #30

UNLOCK YOURSELF For most people, any form of education is pretty much done and dusted by their early to mid-20s… Well, it was for me, I went through school, did an apprenticeship, got qualified and honed my skills for a few more years. Then it stopped. I was busy being busy, day after day and … Read more Day #30

Day #25

The 80/20 Rule ( Pareto Principle) The Pareto Principle helped me understand that the majority of my results were coming from the minority of my inputs. 20% of my standard work contributions produced 80% of my income. 20 % of the things and people I’m involved with caused 80% of my issues. 20% of my … Read more Day #25